Support a project with a donation

Support a project with a donation

Businesses can work alongside Emergenza Sorrisi and support our projects with a donation, partially or fully financing the costs of a specific humanitarian initiative.

How much does a surgical mission cost?

Not all missions are the same, the costs to the organization vary depending on the country in which they take place, the arrangements made with local partners and the number of volunteer Doctors involved.

On average, the necessary costs for a typical mission to the organization include the following categories of expenditure:

Instruments, medicines and disposable materials

Repayments to local co-operatives

Flight tickets for the team of volunteer Doctors and Nurses

Production of hard copy and audiovisual teaching materials to train local Doctors

Food and lodging for the volunteers for the days they are on-site

Insurance and administrative costs

How do we support businesses who want to donate towards a project?

  • Together with the business, we define and identify the design of the activity most suitable to funding
  • We establish a plan of action including all of the project’s phases
  • We allow a representative of the company to participate in the project, who will follow all of the operative phases
  • In collaboration with the company, we prepare a marketing plan to publicize the project
  • We guarantee visibility to the company on our website, our social network pages, our hard copy and electronic newsletters too
  • We keep track of the project, and provide a detailed summary of the objectives achieved at the end of the activity.
  • We will send a valid receipt to the company for tax benefit purposes

“For some time our idea was to transform the increased number of customers that visit our bistro during December, to potential donors and supporters of a good cause, and this is why we chose Emergenza Sorrisi. We involved our friends and customers in an important project of solidarity, and with our donation we are able to finance an entire mission to Bangladesh.”


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