Employee engagement

Employee Engagement

The commitment from businesses to Emergenza Sorrisi’s projects can be in the form of employee engagement. In this way your business will be able to initiate internal awareness, and direct involvement in the cause.

How employees can get involved:

  • Payroll deduction initiatives, that within the organisation consist of fund-raising by employees which is destined towards a specific project. The business can promote the cause and increase the amount raised by making a donation too, so-called “gift matching”;
  • Setting up corporate volunteering programmes;
  • Organising corporate events for awareness or fund-raising with staff involvement

How do we support employee engagement?

  • Together with the company, we define and identify the design of the activity most suitable to funding
  • We establish a plan of action including all of the project’s phases
  • We allow a representative of the company to participate in the project, who will follow all of the operative phases
  • In collaboration with the company, we prepare a marketing plan to publicise the project
  • We guarantee visibility to the company on our website, our social network pages, our hard copy and electronic newsletters too
  • We keep track of the project, and provide a detailed summary of the objectives achieved at the end of the activity.
  • We will send a valid receipt to the company for tax benefit purposes

“In 2012 Emergenza Sorrisi achieved the Donate with Confidence trademark, which is given each year to Non Profit Organisations by the Italian Institute for Donations to recognise transparency and the correct use of fund-raising. For this reason it’s an organisation that can be trusted and is worthy of the continued support of donors, so they can continue their good work and achieve results with a high social impact, that improve the lives of those involved.”


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