Donate goods

Donate goods

Businesses can support Emergenza Sorrisi not only with monetary donations, but also with so-called “donations in kind”, intended as donations of goods or services that are useful to our association in developing humanitarian work, or the organization of ancillary initiatives.

What goods or services can your business donate?

  • Medicines
  • Electrical medical instruments and equipment
  • Child care products
  • Toys
  • Goods or services aimed at fund-raising activities, such as flea markets, charity auctions, etc.
  • Communication, planning and fund-raising consultancy
  • Legal and administrative consultancy

“If we are lucky enough to create and live surrounded by beauty, then we have a duty to make ourselves available to the community in which we live, and make a better future. For this reason we are happy to support Emergenza Sorrisi, and make our contribution towards the smiles of many children.”


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You can help us to rewrite the future for thousands of children. You can do it now.