Statute and Budget

Statute and budget

Total funds raised during 2015: 596.532,00

Division of fundraising according to activity (%):

  • Private bodies
  • Private individuals
  • Communication and fundraising
  • Projects
  • Other sources
  • 5x1000

Projects that went ahead using funds from 2015:

missioni chirurgiche

7 surgical missions dedicated to the treatment of children affected by facial deformities, burns and trauma inflicted by war

bambini operati

348 children operated on and a further 1000 children visited during missions

Pazienti operati di cataratta in Repubblica Democratica del Congo

50 patients with cataracts were operated on in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Medici italiani

48 local Doctors involved and trained by our healthcare workers during missions

Medici italiani

58 Italian volunteer Doctors and Nurses involved in co-operative projects

bambini con malformazioni gravi

2 children with serious deformities transferred to and operated on in Italy

Nuove sedi di Emergenza Sorrisi

5 new offices for Emergenza Sorrisi opened and being locally managed in Benin, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq

studenti universitari

20 university students visited our offices, and joined in activities with Emergenza Sorrisi as trainees

We set up a healthcare project using technological help “Emergenza Medica On Line” to the benefit of and available to 143.000 emigrants

We set up a new co-operative healthcare project in Benin to prevent facial deformities and Noma


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