We operate on children with burns and trauma inflicted by war

We operate on children with burns and trauma inflicted by war

Currently 15 million children who are burns victims need surgical procedures.

In developing countries, which are affected by conflicts or natural disasters there is a significant increase. A large number of these children need complex plastic surgery procedures, that the local healthcare infrastructure is unable to cater for.

Our Doctors intervene with surgical missions, intended to heal or improve the quality of life for children with deformed bodies, due to burns or trauma inflicted by conflict or disaster.

How a mission happens

Marketing campaign

Screening: medical visits, analysis and clinical evaluation of patients

Surgical procedures and training for local Doctors

Post operative measures

Discharging patients

Where we operate


“On March the 28th 2013 my house was bombed by an American raid. I was five years old. The real target wasn’t my family, but the offices of the Baath party – Saddam Hussein’s party – which was near to my home. My life changed forever from that day. My body was covered in burns, I suffered a great deal at the start. The wounds healed but the scars limited my movement, most of all I wasn’t able to move my neck and this was a real problem for me. The volunteers from Emergenza Sorrisi helped me with this difficulty, they gave me a new possibility and, despite everything, I still believe that good can win.”


Burkina Faso: ottobre 2016