Projects in Italy and commitment to the environment

Projects in Italy and commitment to the environment

Our co-operative actions stem from Italy, and for this we have designated activities that are completely carried out in our country.

What we do in Italy:

  • We carry out a widespread awareness campaign involving schools and communities to educate them on the themes of brotherhood and international co-operation.
  • We offer free healthcare support to Italian children who are affected by facial abnormalities, and we organise information events for their families.
  • We are at the disposition of adoptive families of children with facial abnormalities, to offer information and support during the course of their care.
  • We offer healthcare support to migrants through the “Emergenza Medica On Line” project.
  • We transfer and give surgical treatment to children with serious abnormalities, burns and trauma in Italy, who cannot be operated on during missions.

What we do to protect the environment:

Emergenza Sorrisi, at a time when environmental concerns have become of paramount importance in terms of saving the Planet, particularly during the present year 2016 which has been dedicated to children with cancer, has decided to dedicate energy and attention to the themes relating to the conservation and preservation of the Environment. Therefore, we have included in our statute, and very much in the middle of our institutional activities, a point that relates to our commitment and care regarding these themes.

Our partners in Italy:

hyder e ali testimonianza

““When Ali was born he didn’t have a nose, his face was completely deformed. I was worried, desperate, for two years I wandered between Doctors and hospitals trying to find a solution. The Doctors told me that he wouldn’t heal, that the operation was very difficult, that I would only find a solution outside Iraq, but I had no money to cover travel expenses or pay for care. I couldn’t do anything for my son. Then the Doctors from Emergenza Sorrisi arrived.


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