What you can do

Some things leave a mark. You can erase it.

“Thank you for all that you do each day to gladden the heart of this unfair world.”


emergenza sorrisi Sara Innocenti


Volunteer Nurse

“My three missions with Emergenza Sorrisi: many, many emotions, forever strong and intense, unique, difficult to describe, that weigh you down and give you life. Love freely given. Becaue being a volunteer has this magic to it: free purity. You don’t need to have a big heart, but a heart that’s ready to open and refill. You think you are giving a lot, but what you receive is infinitely more!”

emergenza sorrisi alessandro scandola


Sostenitore di Emergenza Sorrisi

“You come across many trains in life, some going the same way as you, some the opposite; some you take, others you miss … but there are those that you don’t wait for, that will take you to places you never thought you would go to. This is how one day the Emergenza Sorrisi train ended up in my street seeking to help, first helping me, then it offered me a journey to a new world.

Francesca Vitale

Volunteer Anaesthetist

You can help us to rewrite the future for thousands of children. You can do it now.