Start a partnership

Start a partnership

Businesses can support Emergenza Sorrisi’s activities in a structured and enduring way, through the development of collaborative programmes based on the principles of social marketing, that is on all the marketing activities undertaken by a company to support the community.


What possible types of partnership are there?

  • Cause Related Marketing programmes: the donation by the business is by selling a specific product or service, which is used to promote the partnership;
  • Joint Fund-Raising activities: the company takes on an intermediary role, promoting a fund-raiser for Emergenza Sorrisi to it’s own clients;
  • Collecting points: a points threshold is established, and when it’s reached by the client rather than exchanging it for a prize they opt to support Emergenza Sorrisi, the points are converted to a company donation according to the exchange rate established and promoted through the catalogue;
  • Regular donations: the company commits to regularly supporting Emergenza Sorrisi’s projects in economic terms

How do we support businesses who want to start a partnership?

  • Together with the company, we define and identify the design of the activity most suitable to funding
  • We establish a plan of action including all of the project’s phases
  • We allow a representative of the company to participate in the project, who will follow all of the operative phases
  • In collaboration with the company, we prepare a marketing plan to publicize the project
  • We guarantee visibility to the company on our website, our social network pages, our hard copy and electronic newsletters too
  • We keep track of the project, and provide a detailed summary of the objectives achieved at the end of the activity.
  • We will send a valid receipt to the company for tax benefit purposes

“As soon as I found out about the reality of Emerenza Sorrisi, I immediately wanted our company to be involved in a sustainability project that could relate to not just the benefits of cycling and the surrounding environment, but also to who has the greatest need during these difficult times: children. Our pledge will apeal to anyone who wants to contribute to improving the world we live in. It’s a small reality that’s growing through a great deal of effort. But we are convinced that a commitment to so many little ones can bring great results, and it’s without doubt for this reason that we too decided to make a small effort on the behalf of Emergenza Sorrisi”


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