Celebrations and anniversaries

Celebrations and anniversaries

A birthday, a promotion at work, wedding anniversary or starting your pension are all occasions that you can celebrate, or can be celebrated, by giving a helping hand to our children.


It’s very simple. You need to tell your invited guests that you would like gifts to be a donation to Emergenza Sorrisi, to benefit children affected by facial abnormalities, burns and trauma. They can donate via bank transfer, postal order, or on-line with a credit card.

How will we help you?

We can make the invite to be sent out to people you would like to invite, explaining what your preference is.

After the event we will send a list of all the people who donated towads your event, and we will prepare a letter of thanks confirming what was raised and the project to which the donations are destined.

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For further information and/or telephone orders, please call

06 84 24 27 99

Or send an e-mail: pergamene@emergenzasorrisi.it

« On the occasion of an event organised to celebrate our anniversary, we invited our guests to not waste money on “superficial” presents. We asked them to send the value of their intended gift to Emergenza Sorrisi. It was an alternative and productive way of celebrating our anniversary. »


You can help us to rewrite the future for thousands of children. You can do it now.