Certificates of solidarity

Certificates of solidarity

Invite solidarity along to your ceremonies, and help the children of Emergenza Sorrisi.

Amaze your guests by choosing both love and style: for the occasion of your wedding, to celebrate a baptism, communion or the confirmation of your child, for a graduation party or a birthday, choose our certificates of solidarity.

Baptism of a boy

  • Battesimo di un bambino
    Battesimo di un bambino - 1

Baptism of a girl

  • Battesimo di una bambina - 1





The certificate consists of a sheet of parchment paper of 14,5 m x 21 cm. The certificate text is personalisable.

The requested donation for each item ordered is 3 Euros.

Cost of delivery: from 8 Euros (the cost of delivery varies depending on the weight of envelope and destination).

Expected time for delivery: 7 working days.

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For further information and/or telephone orders please call

06 84 24 27 99

Or send an e-mail to: pergamene@emergenzasorrisi.it

“I’m the mother of Angelica, for her baptism I chose to give a certificate from Emergenza Sorrisi to all of the guests. Above all, her Father and I decided to do this to help children who are less fortunate and to enrich the hearts of all the guests invited to Angelica’s party, by making a gesture of solidarity. Our small gesture gave a smile back to a child! I invite everyone to help Emergenza Sorrisi, because today’s world has an even greater need of smiles for our children!”


You can help us to rewrite the future for thousands of children. You can do it now.