We operate on children with facial abnormalties

We operate on children with facial abnormalties

165.000 children are born every year in develping countries with a facial abnormality called cleft palate, commonly known as “hare lip”, that defines the opening of lip and palate. The face of these children appears defaced, disfigured. Other than having to live with the existing problems in their countries, there are further problems: they cannot feed themselves properly, they are prone to contracting serious infections, often fatally, or more simply put they are unable to smile. Being excluded, emarginalised and isolated are the order of the day, up to even more serious consequences such as infanticide. In many African countries children with cleft palate are considered as cursed, in Uganda they are called “Ajok”, in other words “persecuted by God”.

Most of these children don’t have access to medical alternatives, due to a lack of income or inadequate local healthcare systems.

All that’s needed is an hour long operation to offer a solution to the pathology that they are afflicted by. The procedure is delicate, but decisive: a small “miracle” that changes lives and restores smiles.

The volunteer Doctors and Nurses of Emergenza Sorrisi carry out missions in 17 African and Middle Eastern countries guaranteeing care, surgery and healthcare assistance to thousands of children affected by facial abnormalities.

How a mission happens

Marketing campaign

Screening:  medical visits, analysis and clinical evaluation of patients

Surgical procedures and training for local doctors

Post operative measures

Discharging patients

Our missions worldwide

 akoto eustache testimonianza

« Sometimes after the procedures are carried out by our teams, the children are hidden away from their mothers until they are completely better because surgical procedures can also be seen as witchcraft, and there is a danger that the children’s wounds will be reopened during ritual ceremonies. We follow the young patients after surgery and we also work on the evolution of culture and beliefs related to this pathology »>EUSTACHE AKOTO, CO-ORDINATOR OF EMERGENZA SORRISI BENIN

Burkina Faso: ottobre 2016

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